What 10 Things will Turn Him On? | Tips on How to Flirt with Guys

"What 10 Things Turn Him On?"

Women everywhere want to know, what turns a guy on? The answer is simple. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to hop on the treadmill and kill yourself trying to shed an ungodly amount of pounds. You do not have to starve yourself into a pair of size 0 jeans and you do not have to trip over yourself trying to powder your nose in the women's room every five minutes. In fact, ten things will drive any man wild:

  1. A great Smile
  2. A girl who can hang with the boys
  3. Confidence
  4. A girl who splits the bill
  5. A girl that can get wild in the bedroom
  6. Dressing up in Pretty Clothes
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What 10 Things Turn Him On?
  1. 7. Unexpected kissing
  2. 8. Massage
  3. 9. Participating in the things he enjoys
  4. 10. Spontaneity

Guys like a girl that shows obvious signs of confidence and a girl who can hang with the boys. Show him that you are cool enough to hang with him and his friends and he will definitely take notice.

Guys like a girl who splits the bill when out on a date rather than expecting him to do it all. This shows that you are confident about your gender and hard working to boot. Guys like to get compliments too so do not be afraid to tell him if his butt looks great in a pair of jeans. However, do not lay it on to thick. You want to be flirty with him but you also want to maintain a decent level of honesty.

Participating in the things he enjoys doing shows him that you are willing to at least try anything. He will surely appreciate your willingness to try out new things. He will also feel a definite confidence boost in knowing that you took enough interest in him to take up some of the sports or other hobbies that he enjoys doing. Again, do not overdo it or lay it on too thick.

Find new and exciting ways to be cute and to make take notice of you. For example, offer him a massage after work. Guys do not like women that are constantly looking to schedule their lives. A little spontaneity can go a long way toward keeping the fires burning in a relationship so that it never gets dull.

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